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How to Growl


Whether you are trying to imitate the Cowardly Lion or the lead singer of Gwar, learning to growl can be very helpful. It is easy, fun and you can use it in almost any setting to get a laugh or get your point across. Read on to learn how to growl.

Breathe deeply. Learn how much force you must use when exhaling to get the vibration in your lungs. This is the base of your growl in the theater. You must use your lungs and your diaphragm to make the sound, and also to project it out with volume.

Use your throat. Without straining, which can damage your vocal chords, make your exhaled breath change rhythm in the back of your throat. Do this by lengthening and shortening the back of your throat as the sound comes from your diaphragm.

Vibrate your entire chest area. When you breathe with your chest to the point of a beginning growl, and then bring it up to your throat, you should be able to feel the vibrations with your entire body. To study the natural growl, pet a cat until he begins to purr and notice the vibrations that extend through his entire chest cavity.

Form sounds with your lips. For a throaty death metal growl, you will most likely use the "o" formation of your lips and a wide mouthed squeeling growl. These two lip formations will give you different sounds. For an animal-like growl, you will need to snarl a bit with your lips, teeth and nose and practice your frothy spitting.

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