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How to Play Win, Lose or Draw

Pictionary players must draw pictures to prompt fellow players.
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Win, Lose, or Draw was a television game show that has become popular to play at parties or on family game night. It is played in teams.

Playing the Game

Write down up to 8 items, such as movies, television shows or books, for each team. Teams will pick from the opposing teams pile. If there are more than 2 teams you can add the challenge of allowing the team that is not guessing and did not write the clues to try and steal a point.

Pick a member from your team to be the drawer. Each person on the team should take a turn at being this person.

Choose a piece of paper and as the drawer, draw what is on the paper.

Call out start and begin the timer before the drawer begins drawing. A person from the opposite team should do this.

Call out answers or guesses to what you think the drawing is. This is done only by the drawers' team and can be done by all on the team in any order.

Guessing part of the title or any piece of the title can be considered correct, it is up to the person who is drawing to make that call.

Racking up the most points will help you win.

Sketching Rules

Draw only pictures, arrows, signs. Do not draw anything that would be considered a part of the alphabet, a number or the name of what you are attempting to draw.

Use images only. Do not speak. Body language may be used to help the guessers know that they are on the right track.

Creating an ear is acceptable. The ear represents "sounds like" to the guessers.

Things You'll Need:

  • Dice
  • Paper
  • Pencils
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