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How to Play Rummy-O Game

A classic game played worldwide

Rummy-O is a version of rummy played with tiles instead of a deck of cards. The object is to construct melds of three tiles or more. The game also is known as Rummikub, Tile Rummy and Rummicube among other names.

Shuffle the tiles and draw one. If you get the highest, go first. Pick 14 tiles to play in your hand.

Make an initial meld of 50 points using at least three tiles. Make sets of three or four tiles of the same number in different colors or make runs of three or four consecutive tiles of the same color.

Add more sets or runs or add tiles to other players' runs or sets.

Draw a tile if you cannot add tiles anywhere.

Play jokers to make or add to runs or sets. Replace a joker in a run or set if you can use it for another meld--for example, play a black 6 on a black run of 3-4-5-joker-7 and play the joker in another meld.

Move tiles from other sets or runs to use for your own. Make sure you leave at least three tiles in a meld. Leave tiles in melds that contain a joker. Take them only if the joker is replaced.

Win the hand by playing all of your tiles. Count up the points left in your opponents' hands to calculate your score for the hand.

Win the game by being the first player to reach a predetermined score.


  • Don't get caught with a joker in your hand when another player goes out--it is worth 30 points.
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