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How to Play Standard Draw Dominos

Standard Draw Dominoes is a very common and simple game.
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Draw Dominoes is the simplest and most widely recognized form of the traditional domino games. This standard domino game is typically played with two to four players and uses a standard set of 28 dominoes -- the double-six domino set. Players draw dominoes and take turns forming a line of matching values. This game consists of several quick hands and is played until one player reaches 100 points. Draw Dominoes is easy to set up and entertaining for all ages.

Setting Up

Shuffle all the dominoes and lay them facedown in a pile at the end of the table. This is the "boneyard" from which to draw. Leave the middle of the table empty so there is enough room to play the game.

Draw seven dominoes each from the "boneyard" for a two-player game, or draw five dominoes each if there are three to four players.

Set your dominoes on their sides with the dots facing you.

Determine the player with the highest double, or the highest value domino. This player goes first, then play passes to the left.

Place the highest double domino on the table to start the game.

Playing Draw Dominoes

Match the value of one side of one of your dominoes with the domino on the table. Place the matching dominoes end to end, making sure they are touching. For example, if the first player put down a double four, the second player must play a tile with a four on one side.

A player with no playable domino picks from the boneyard until drawing one that can be played. Unplayable dominoes that are drawn become part of the player's hand.

If a player has no play and there are no dominoes left in the boneyard, play passes to the next player.

Continue playing around the table in a clockwise direction. Finish the hand when one player runs out of dominoes, or when no more dominoes can be played.

Score the game by counting the value of each player's hand; add all the dots on the remaining dominoes. The player with no dominoes left, or the lowest score, wins the hand. This person gets all the points from the other players' hands, minus any points in his own hand. Start a new hand and continue playing until one player reaches 100 points and wins the game.


A double is a tile that has two of the same values on it. If no one has a double, the player with the highest value domino starts. Place any double dominoes sideways on the table. This allows players to continue playing on either end of the domino.

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