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How to Play the Life Drinking Game

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When you have a party, sometimes it's fun to play a drinking game. There are lots of varieties of drinking games to choose from. Many just require a pack of playing cards. There are others that are based on movies. Some, like the Life drinking game are variations of our favorite board games from when we were children. Of course when you were young you never played the Life drinking game, but you will find Life is much more fun when you add the drinking component to the game. Read on to learn how to play the Life drinking game.

Get a group of friends together for an evening of drinking games. The Life drinking game is not one that you can usually play at a casual party like drinking games using a deck of cards. Instead, due to the fact that you are playing a board game, you should center your entertainment around playing the Life drinking game.

Find your old board game called Life. This is probably stashed somewhere up in your attic or in your basement hidden with all those old boardgames you played as a child.

Set up the board game life on a playing table with plenty of chairs. This will allow everyone to be comfortable at the table when playing the Life drinking game. Assembly of the game is rather simple as you just need to sort the money and pieces, and place the spinner in it's proper spot on the board.

Prepare a drink for each of your guests, and one for yourself as the host as well. Make sure you have plenty of alcohol on hand to replenish your friend's drinks during the game.

Play the game of Life as you normally would, following the standard rules.

Add alcohol to the standard variation of Life by forcing players to drink if something bad happens to them in the game. If something good happens to them, allow that player to "assign drinks" to an opponent of their choice.

If you have multiple children, you must determine if this is good or bad before the game starts. Whichever way you choose, each child is worth one drink.

Whoever is the loser in the Life drinking game must fetch drinks for the rest of the guests during the next game or the rest of the night. The choice is yours as the host.

Things You'll Need:

  • Life board game
  • Table
  • Beer
  • Alcohol
  • Friends
  • Cups


House rules are one of the biggest assets of a drinking game on a board game. Feel free to make your own house rules up to add to the Life drinking game. Some possibilities include the person with the largest salary being able to make the one with the lowest salary to drink at any time during the game. Others include allowing certain players to name the drink their opponents must drink.


  • Watch out for the flying spinner. The spinner in Life was hard to spin when sober, imagine what it's like spinning the spinner after a few drinks.
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