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Fun Personality Test for Teenagers

Your teenage years can be a time of great personal confusion. Most young people are just figuring out who they are and what they represent at this time. A fun way to learn more about your personality is to take an online personality test. These tests are fun, even as they probe deeply into your personality to give you help and hints about who you really are.

Personality Type

There are many different types of personalities in the world. A fun quiz available at Test Yourself (see References) will help you discover which personality type you possess. The test length runs from 25 to 50 questions (the length varies depending on how consistent your answers are within the personality matrix), and it will quiz you based on the “big five” personality traits. These questions sometimes probe into your personality, but they are never intrusive. Once you’ve finished, you are given a result immediately. If you answer the questions honestly, the test can be eerily accurate.

Love Personality Quiz

When you’re a teen, you'll place a lot of importance on your love life. As you experience the joys and frustrations of young love, you will develop a particular love personality. This fun quiz, available at Links 2 Love (see References), will help illustrate your personality in the area of love. The questions on this quiz seem arbitrary and random. One question asks you to complete the sequence of “potato, firefighter, caucus, prolific …” with responses ranging from Beetlejuice to violet to 2,474,245. The rest of the questions and the answers on this test are just as silly and irrelevant. However, they maintain your answers will yield your love personality type at the end. Though it can hardly be called 100 percent accurate, it is a very amusing personality test.

Which High School Musical Character Are You?

The musicals in the "High School Musical" series are the most popular movies in recent memory. This personality test, found on the website of Seventeen magazine (see References), asks you a series of questions that will decide which character you would be in the movie. These questions will ask you how you would behave in a situation, when it is wrong to be mean to somebody, and many other occasionally meaningful questions. Once you’re done, this fun test will tell you who you are in the series.

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