How to Play a Cake Walk Game

NeonJellyfish/iStock/Getty Images

If you're looking for ideas for a carnival, fundraiser or festival, a cake walk booth is a piece of cake to set up and run. Your enticing array of sweet prizes will encourage cake lovers to pay a dollar or two for the privilege of walking around to music in the hope that they'll get the lucky number that wins one of your cakes.

Advance Planning and Equipment

Your first job is to ask people to bake or donate cakes, pies or cookies in advance of the event; you can buy supplies if you have to but this will eat into your profit. You'll also need a table to display the prizes, some sheets of paper and a pen, sidewalk chalk if you're playing the game outdoors, a music player and a container to hold the prize numbers. Try to get a couple of volunteers -- one can run the game rounds and one can take money and help winners choose their prizes.

Set Up Your Cake Walk Booth

Decide how many games to play and how many players you’ll have in each game. Typically, the number of games matches the number of cakes; ten players per game is about right. If you have a lot of cakes, you can always run two games simultaneously.

If you're playing outdoors, chalk the numbers 1-10 in a line or circle. If you're playing indoors or don't have chalk, write the numbers on sheets of paper and use tape to stick them down to the ground. Alternatively, set out 10 chairs and put the numbers on them.

Write the numbers 1-10 on small pieces of paper and put them in your container, then put the cakes on the table. Put a number in front of each one if you want -- winners then take the cake that matches their numbers -- or just let people choose their own cakes when they win.

Play the Cake Walk Game

By now, you'll have a long line of cake lovers willing to hand over their cash to play. When you have enough players, tell them to stand in line on a number or by the chairs. Start the music and have players walk around the numbers or chairs. When the music stops, each player should stand on a number or sit on a chair. Pick a number out of your container -- the player with that number wins the game and the coveted cake. To avoid problems with sore losers, consider giving out a cookie or piece of candy to the other players.