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How to Play Easter Egg Roll

Things You'll Need:

  • Kids to play
  • Start line
  • Finish line
  • Boiled and decorated eggs

How to Play Easter Egg Roll. The game of Easter Egg Roll is a long-standing Easter classic. Use the following steps to play the traditional game.

Boil some eggs. Color and decorate your eggs by dying them all kinds of colors. You can also leave them plain, but it is more fun if the eggs are decorated.

Mark off a start line indoors or on shortly-cut grass. You can use tape or lay down a bit of rope or jump rope.

Mark off a finish line the same way. How far apart your start and finish lines are from each other will depend upon the age of the players. You can make it anywhere from five to fifteen feet from each other.

Start the players off at the start line. Have all players get on their hands and knees.

Have players roll the egg across the floor or lawn using on their noses after the referee shouts, "Ready, set, go!"

Win the game by being the first one to reach the finish line.


Instead of using your nose, you can also use spoons to roll your Easter eggs. If using spoons, make your start and finish lines a little further apart. You can also use plastic eggs for this game, but they don't work as well as the boiled eggs. Make the game extra fun by giving a piece of candy to each player and a special prize for the winner.


  • Don't touch the egg with anything but your nose or spoon. If you touch the egg with your hands, you are automatically disqualified from the game.
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