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How to Play Bar Bingo

Play bar room bingo with friends for an entertaining night.
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Going out with your friends to the local bar each night can get boring after awhile. One way to spice things up is to play bar bingo. The game is played with a card just as in a standard bingo game. Instead of somebody calling numbers and letters out, you and your team search for items found on the card. The first team to complete its card wins the game.

Create teams for your bar bingo game. There should be at least 2 players on each team and at least 3 teams to make things interesting.

Make the bar bingo cards. The items listed on the card should be things that you would find at a normal bar. Examples can be “$1 beers,” “guy wearing sleeveless shirt” and “grandparent at the bar.” Or, download your own bingo cards (see Resources below). The cards used should be slightly different for each team. This will force the teams to travel to different bars.

Document each time you encounter something on your bar bingo card. Use a camera or camera phone to take a picture. Then, mark that portion of your card off using a dauber, pen or pencil.

Call the other teams when you get bingo. This is achieved in the same way as in a normal bingo game (downwards, sideways or horizontal--or also choose to play “postage stamp”).

Meet up with the other teams and go over the bingo cards. Show your card and the pictures you took. If your card is legit, you have won the game of bar bingo.


Play bar bingo in an area where you can easily walk from bar to bar.


  • Don't drink and drive. Take public transportation or walk to the bars.
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