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How to Register for My Panera Rewards Card

Register your rewards card before you go shopping.
Shopping image by Bianca from Fotolia.com

The MyPanera Member card is a rewards card offered by Panera Bread. The MyPanera card is not a credit card. It’s a free card that’s offered at all Panera Bread locations. Once you register the card, you can begin using it every time you buy something at Panera Bread. The more items you purchase, the more rewards you can earn, such as discounts on baked food or free desserts. You can register your card on the MyPanera website.

Visit your local Panera Bread restaurant for a MyPanera Member card.

Go to MyPanera.com. Click “Register Your Card.”

Turn over your MyPanera member card. Enter your card number and registration code in the applicable boxes. The card number is the number on the left side of card, while the registration code is the four-digit number on the right side of the card.

Fill out the remaining portion of the online form. You’ll be asked for your birthdate and other personal information. Make sure the information is correct, as you’ll receive rewards loaded onto your card for your birthday. After you register your card, you can begin handing it to the cashier each time you visit Panera Bread.

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