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How to Get Pandora on a PS3

In addition to your favorite games and movies, your PlayStation 3 console can play music stored on your computer. That's not your only option, though; you can also install the Pandora radio application to your console for streaming the airwaves. Keep in mind that, like other streaming apps, how well Pandora radio performs depends on your Internet connection.

Installing the Pandora App

On your PlayStation 3 console, navigate to the Pandora website (pandora.com). If you have an account, you can log in immediately. If you don't, you'll have to make an account as you activate your device. On your computer, go to Pandora's activation site and enter the key displayed on your console. The website will give you the ability to make a new account at this point if you need one. With your account created and your device activated, you can either make a new radio station on your computer or through the PlayStation 3. Playlists created on your console will be visible on the computer, and vice versa.

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