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How to Burn a Disc from Photo Story 3

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You've just finished a great slide show of your family reunion using Photo Story 3 for Windows on your computer and now you want to send copies of it to you friends and family so they can play it on their TVs. How do you do it? The answer lies within the Photo Story 3 program itself. You just follow the step-by-step instructions in the program to burn your DVD discs. All you need is a DVD burner in your computer and you are set to go.

Place a blank DVD disc into the DVD burner drawer of your computer.

Open your Photo Story 3 finished slide show by going to "My Documents" or "My videos" on your computer. Browse for your file and click "Open."

Click on the "Completing Photo Story for Windows" page of the Photo Story 3 program. Then click on "Continue and Save Your Story to a DVD for Playback on Your Home DVD Player."

Write a title for your DVD in the "DVD Title" box that appears on the screen.

Write a title for the Photo Story in the "Video Title" box.

Choose the DVD burner that has the blank disc in it to burn your DVD.

Click on "Create DVD." Your computer system, along with the length of your Photo Story 3 program and the recording speed of your DVD player, will determine the amount of time it takes to burn your disc.

Click on "No" in the "Disc Create Complete" dialog box when your DVD copy is finished. Close your Photo Story 3 program, remove your DVD copy from the computer and insert it into your home DVD TV player to view it.

Things You'll Need:

  • Photo Story 3 for Windows completed slide show
  • Computer with DVD burner
  • DVD blank recordable discs
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