Pillows That Stay Cold

Keeping your pillow cold requires minimal effort with the right purchase.
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For many people, a cold pillow is a comfortable one. However, with standard pillows, you generally have to flip it regularly to use the cooler side. There are several pillows on the market, however, that are designed to stay cold throughout the night. In addition, they are therapeutic, aiding with sunburns, stiffness and other ailments.


The Chillow works by adding water to the interior fillable casing, which activates the gel. It is leak proof and maintains a consistently cool temperature, without getting too cold, by pulling heat away from your head, according to the manufacturer.

Cool Pillow

The Cool Pillow is made with "Outlast" technology, filled with "Thermocules" that absorb and store excess heat to keep your head cool, according to the manufacturer.


The Everloft pillow also stays cool, but with different methods. It has a structure that moves air by convection, according to the manufacturer, and the foam inside absorbs heat while keeping the outside cool.

Outlast Pillow Cover

The Outlast Pillow Cover is made of a wicking fabric that draws heat away from your head, according to the manufacturer, and is designed to fit over any pillow, for those of you who have a favorite one you're reluctant to replace.

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