Pelican Wireless Controller Instructions

By Ashley Poland ; Updated September 15, 2017

Pelican has been producing wireless controllers for gaming consoles since the last generation came out. Performance Designed Products (PDP), the company that distributions Pelican products, has only one Pelican-branded wireless controller available on its website for the PlayStation 2. The company has several wired controllers for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and GameCube. PDP offers Wii controllers, but they are not Pelican-branded. While there may be older Pelican-branded wireless controllers available in stores, they are not available on the PDP website.

Pop the back of the battery compartment off the underside of the wireless controller. This is located in the middle of the controller body.

Insert two AA batteries into the controller. Make sure the batteries are inserted with the proper polarity, and are fresh; mixing old and new batteries may impede function.

Secure the back of the battery compartment back onto the wireless controller.

Turn on your PlayStation 2 and plug the wireless receiver into either the first controller slot, or the second if the first is occupied.

Press the button on the bottom of the wireless receiver; you will need to use a paper clip or another small and skinny object to press the button properly.

Press the select button on your wireless controller to sync it to the receiver.


If you suddenly lose connection to your PlayStation 2 system, change the batteries in your wireless controller. Once refilled, you should be able to reconnect by pressing the button on the underside of the wireless receiver, and then any action button on your controller.

While wireless controllers offer freedom of movement, getting too far from the receiver may cause issues with game response.

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