How Much Are the Original Nine Beanie Babies Worth?

The original nine beanie babies are sought by toy collectors around the world. These nine beanbag toys were first released in 1993 and eventually retired from the market. Ty continues to create and retire beanie babies that cater to the interest of collectors and children.


Ty, a company located in Illinois, released Beanie Babies in the fall of 1993. The idea was to provide children with toys they could afford on a small allowance. Beanie Babies became popular not only with children, but toy collectors as well.


The original nine beanie babies include Legs the Frog, Splash the Whale, Brownie the Bear, Flash the Dolphin, Spot the Dog, Punchers the Lobster, Chocolate the Moose, Squealer the Pig, and Patti the Platypus.

Time Frame

The original nine beanie babies were first released in Chicago gift shops in 1993. Beanie babies became popular, allowing Ty to issue the original nine with second, third and fourth generation tags until all of them were retired in 1997 and early 1998.


All beanie babies include two tags: the hang tag and the tush tag. Hang tags on first generation beanie babies only include the animal's style, name and number. Subsequent generations include birthdays and a poem.


The value of the original nine Beanie Babies varies depending on which one it is, what generation tag it has and the overall condition of the toy. Individually, first generation Beanie Babies from this set are worth $75 to $100. A complete set of all nine with first generation tags can be worth well over $1,000 if all are in mint condition. The original nine with second, third or fourth generation hang tags are worth significantly less.