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How Much Is an Original Ginny Doll Worth?

The original Ginny doll was created in 1951 by Jennie Adler Graves. Graves's fascination with dolls began in 1922 with her establishment of Ye Olde Vogue Doll Shoppe in Somerville, Massachusetts. By 1953, due to the enormous popularity of the Ginny dolls, the shop, by then referred to only as Vogue, yielded more than $2 million in sales. Vogue made the last original Ginny dolls in 1972, at which time to company was sold to Tonka.


The value of an original Ginny doll is based on a few distinct factors. They include the condition of the doll, the particular style of the doll and whether the doll is in its original box. If the doll is in its original box, the value is based on the condition of the box as well. Original clothing with tags from the Vogue doll company significantly increase the value of any of the Ginny dolls.

Painted Lashes and More

Collectors have devised their own language of sorts for figuring the worth of each Ginny doll. Some Ginny dolls had painted-on eye lashes, which are denoted to collectors by the letters "PL." Painted-lash dolls are worth more money than those with molded eye lashes, called "ML." A "strung" Ginny doll is one that was made prior to those manufactured with the walking mechanism. Dolls with painted eyes are referred to as "PE" dolls. An "SL" walker, or "SL W," is a doll that walked with straight legs, rather than those with bended knees of later years. As an example of this collector's system, it might be said that a PL W doll is worth more money than a strung ML doll.


An early 1950s Ginny doll with original tagged clothing and painted lashes that is in excellent condition and comes with its original box is valued at about $350 in 2009. An early 1950s Ginny doll with molded lashes, who walks and has original tagged clothing, as well as a box in good condition, is valued at approximately $250 in 2009.

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