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How to Make Peek-a-Boo Dolls

Peek-a-boo dolls trick the eye with their lifelike appearances. Otherwise known as time-out dolls, these dolls are often seen standing in corners as if they are in trouble. This craft project is fun and easy to make because it requires no sewing. The dolls make great gifts, and you can fabricate a peek-a-boo doll with minimal effort.

Things You'll Need:

  • Wood Dowel
  • Doll Hair
  • Hat
  • Footed Pajamas
  • Nylons
  • Hot-Glue Gun
  • Shoes
  • Toddler Clothes
  • Batting

Browse a thrift store for toddlers' clothing. Purchase an outfit, footed pajamas, nylons and shoes. You may also buy accessories, like a hat, so the doll appears more lifelike. The clothing should all be the same size, except for the nylons, which can be any size. The color of the nylons depends on the color of the skin you would like the doll to have.

Purchase doll hair and other materials at a local craft store. You will need wood dowels, batting, a hot-glue gun and glue to assemble the doll.

Place a wood dowel in each leg hole of the footed pajamas. The dowels should come up to around the waist of the pajamas. This will help the peek-a-boo doll stand up in the corner.

Stuff the batting into the footed pajamas starting at the feet. The batting should be packed until the pajamas feel firm. Continue stuffing the pajamas until it is full, all the way to the neckline.

Dress the doll with the clothes you have chosen. Finish the outfit with a pair of shoes.

Create a head using nylons and batting. Stuff the batting into the nylons to make a sphere. Cut the ends to the nylons and tie each end in a knot. Glue the head to the footed pajamas.

Glue doll hair to the nylons to form the peek-a-boo doll's hair. Hair should be full so that when the doll is standing in the corner, no one can see the face. You can place a hat on the doll's head to complete the look.

Cross the doll's arms and place them in front of the body. Glue them together so they do not move around. No one will be able to see that the doll has no hands.

Place the doll in the corner of the room. You may need to adjust the doll several times until you are satisfied with its appearance.


Dress your peek-a-boo dolls for the holidays. Change the doll's clothes to match each holiday's theme. Buy pants and long-sleeve shirts so no one will see the footed pajamas underneath the clothing.

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