Morale Boosting Games for Employees

Group of business people working together in the office. image by Andrey Kiselev from

Employee morale is one of the most important aspects of running a company. With low morale, employees do less work with less dedication. A low company morale also increases the chances that the employees will leave, which causes a high turnover rate. However, there are many fun games to play at the office to increase employee morale at any time of the year.

Weekly Poker

This is a fun morale-boosting game that does not distract from work and can be played every week for fun. You can either have the company supply a prize every week, or allow participants to each place a dollar in the pot for each poker game. Each day, employees are offered one playing card. At the end of the week the person with the highest poker score wins the prize.

Office Bingo

Office Bingo is another fun morale-boosting game that can be played during work breaks. Or you can set aside a time to play once a month. Prizes are purchased for the winners either by the company or by everyone contributing a dollar. Bingo cards are distributed to each player. Numbers are called either all at once or throughout the day, week or month. The first five players to fill a row get a prize. Prizes can be as small as dollar-store prizes or as large as electronic equipment.

Drawing Game

This is a fun morale-boosting game for employees to play before a boring meeting or during lulls in business. Employees are divided into groups of five. Each group is issued a piece of paper. The first person draws a head on the piece of paper. The paper is then folded so that the head is covered. The next person draws a neck and shoulders. The third person draws a body. The fourth person draws legs. The final person draws feet. At the end of the game the paper is unfolded to reveal the whole drawing.


A carnival is a fun way to increase the morale of any company. Have high staff members set up different games in booths either at the office, or at a park or other site. Allow employees to accumulate tickets or points during the work year or quarter by doing extra work, having a good attitude, and arriving on time with no reprimands. Points can be awarded for a myriad of different things. At the carnival, the points they earned at work are exchanged for tickets to play games and win prizes.


Office picnics are a classic way to boost employee morale. The office can set up different games such as bag races, three-legged races, volleyball and softball. Food stands that serve snow cones, popcorn, corn dogs and cotton candy are also fun. Offer drawings and prizes for game winners.