Making Mini Chandeliers for Dollhouses

Chandelier image by TekinT from

A miniature doll house chandelier is a scaled-down version of the chandeliers in our homes. Making doll house miniatures involves collecting materials that are similar to the life-size originals. Beads are made to look like crystals, and filigree bead caps used to decorate beads look like chandelier bases. Using these items and a little imagination you can build a miniature chandelier your dolls will love.

Remove the two metal prongs at the end of the lamp wire to expose the wires. Remove the plastic plug protector that the prongs were inserted into. All the bead-work and filigree findings will be threaded onto the lamp wire. You will reassemble the lamp plug in the last step.

Thread you first bead down to the bulb. Thread on a filigree bead-cap in the size of your choice. The bead-cap should be the size of the desired chandelier. Thread on a single smaller bead-cap in the other direction for the base at the top of the chandelier.

Insert an eye pin by passing by the bulb and threading it through the filigree bead-caps to hold the chandelier chain. Cut the headpin down to 1/8-inch clearance of the top filigree bead. Roll the headpin down to a tight loop with a pair of round-nose pliers. Attach one end of the chain to the headpin loop.

Thread a teardrop crystal on an eye pin. Follow this bead with beads of your choice. The beaded fringe should be the length of the chandelier tiers. Create an open loop at the top of the headpin. Slip the loop into the filigree bead-cap as close to the center as possible. Close the loop with the round-nose pliers. Repeat this step working around the bulb.

Create a second tier for the chandelier using a shorter strand of beads. Attach them in the same manner as your first tier while placing them on the outside edge of the filigree bead-cap. The number of tiers and the lengths are your personal preference.

Thread the plastic plug protector over the exposed wires at the end of the lamp wire. Install the prongs by gently pushing them back into the plug to seat in their original position. Plug the lamp wire into the doll house wiring power strip.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Headpin
  • Beads in different shapes and sizes
  • Filigree bead-caps
  • Power strip with multiple switches and fuse
  • Doll house lamp wire light kit


  • Wrap electrical tape around the wires near the bulb if they are exposed. Make sure the miniature lamp kit works before you make a doll house chandelier.


  • As with any electrical wiring, use caution when installing the lamp kit and doll house wiring kit.