How to Make Your Own Printable Trading Cards for Free

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Trading cards are a great way to track the accomplishments of your favorite sports players, actors and other celebrities. They can also prove to be very valuable if you pick up a first edition and hold onto it for a while before selling to the highest bidder. When you want to make your own printable trading cards on your computer at no charge, use a Web site to help you get the job done.

Open the Web browser and go to a Web site for creating trading cards.

Click "Upload Image" to select the image you want to make a trading card out of. Select the computer image you want and press "OK" to continue.

Type in the text you want to appear on the card within the text box; adjust the font type, in addition to the size and color of the letters, if desired.

Choose any symbols you want to appear on the card, and edit any additional parts you want to appear on the card; you can enter in new parts and type text into them for customization.

Choose how many copies you want to make of the card next to the "Print x" text, and hit "Done;" the computer will prompt you to print the cards, and hit "OK" to print them out.

Take the printed cards out of the printer and cut them out with scissors to use.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • Web browser
  • Trading-card making Web site
  • Scissors



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