How to Make a Checkers Board Game

Educational board games make learning fun.

It's a rainy day, the kid's are complaining of boredom, and their old toys are looking just that–old and overused. Instead of heading out into the wet mess, use a little arts and crafts savvy to help them create a fun game of their own from your childhood. By the end of the afternoon, not only will your children have constructed a game they can be proud of, they will also have bonded with you over a game of checkers.

Place one piece of your black paper down on your work surface. This will be your game board foundation.

Cut the white paper into 1 1/2 inch squares. You want to cut exactly 32 even squares and then place them on the black paper, forming 4-by-4 rows and leaving exactly 1 1/2 inches of space in between each square on all sides. You should be left with an alternating colored grid pattern.

Glue the squares to the board in this exact pattern. After the white squares are in place your game board will be complete.

Create the playing pieces by taking the red paper and drawing out a 1-inch diameter circle. After you cut this circle out you can use it as a guide for cutting out 13 more red circles. These 14 red circle pieces will allow you to place 12 game pieces on the board and have two back-up pieces.

Use one of your red 1-inch circle game pieces as a guide to cut out 14 black game pieces of the same size and shape as the red ones from your second sheet of black paper. Again, you’ll be left with 12 game pieces for the board as well as two extra pieces.

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