Leather Craft Ideas

Leather crafts can be fun for adults and children alike. Project ideas can range from basic to complicated, according to the craft person's skill level. Part of the enjoyment of taking on a leather craft project is that the end result is often something that can be used for years to come. For young children, the lacing that is involved in simple leather craft projects can increase hand-eye coordination.

Kids' Leather Craft

There are many different types of leather crafts that are appropriate for use with scouting groups, church events, youth camps, schools or just for fun at home. Leather craft suppliers offer prepackaged kits that make preparation simple. It is also possible to purchase supplies separately and create custom-designed projects. Easy projects include basic coin purses, belt fobs, braided wristbands, key chains, bookmarks and pouches. Many leather craft ideas also have frontier or Native American themes and can be used as a learning opportunity.


Making a quality, hand-crafted wallet is one of the attractions of working with leather. Wallets can range from basic b-fold examples to more complicated tri-fold kits that feature pockets for currency and slots for credit cards. One drawback of the handmade leather wallet is that the stitching required can make the wallet too thick to fit in a back pocket. Utilizing waxed thread instead of leather or vinyl lacing gets around this problem.


Purses can range from small clutches to large and ornately decorated handbags. Many leather craft enthusiasts will purchase kits that come with prepunched and precut leather pieces. Others with more advanced skills prefer to purchase patterns and create the project from start to finish. Some of the skills required to add a decorative element to a handbag project include leather stamping and carving.


Leather and suede vests are popular leather craft ideas. Vests can be decorated with bead work, patches or painted designs. Moccasins made from leather or suede can be very comfortable as well as attractive. Infant-sized moccasins can make original and durable baby booties.