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Knitting Projects With Large Knitting Needles

Large knitting needles areused for large projects
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Using large knitting needles produces big projects, such as rugs, scarves and blankets. Even though these patterns may seem daunting because of their size, the larger the knitting needles used, the faster a project is completed. Large needles, at least size 10 or larger, also are great for beginners, allowing them to perfect the knots and the design on a larger visible scale.


Knitting a scarf
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Scarves are a great project for the beginner or advanced knitter. They make great gifts and are completed quickly when large knitting needles are used. One of the best ways to learn to knit is to complete several scarves, one after the other. With large knitting needles, bulky yarn can be used, creating a scarf that is thick and comfortable.

Lap Afghan Blanket

Woman and afghan blanket
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Lap afghan blankets have been popular among knitters, as they can be made whatever size the maker prefers. They are a great project for large knitting needles, since they are simple and fast to complete. Afghans also provide a way to use up scraps of yarn.


Knitted flower rug
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To knit a rug, large needles must be used. It is one of the simplest projects yet one of the most time consuming because of the size. These rugs can be left plain, or felted (matting the wool) for effect. A variety of shapes and sizes can be made to cover floors. When the rug is completed, attach a non slip mat to prevent it from sliding.

Home Accessories

Knitting a project with large needles
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Doilies, tea cosies, table runners, seat covers, dish cloths and pillow covers are projects that can be knitted with large needles. The heavier yarn that is used with these projects creates a rustic, softer look to the weave. If a tighter look is to be achieved using large knitting needles, remember to pull the wool tight.

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