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Kids Art Activities Into the Future Theme K-2

Let kids' imaginations soar with art projects about the future.
Katy McDonnell/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Pondering the future is a surefire way to capture a child’s imagination. Most children are eager to share their plans and dreams, especially about what they want to be when they grow up. Colorful, fun crafts can help them explore their plans and imagine what it might be like for others far into the future.

Jet Packs

Who needs sneakers when you can zip everywhere with a handy jetpack? Use cereal boxes spray painted with metallic silver or gold with paper cups serving as the jets. Provide shapes like egg cartons, bottle caps, empty toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners to be attached with duct tape, string or brass fasteners to embellish the jet pack with futuristic controls and doodads.

Career Day

This craft is a great way to get kids thinking about the future in a way that’s easy to relate to and very personal. Invite each child to draw or paint a picture of themselves as a grownup doing their job. For older children, have them create a simple book with a few pages describing what they want to be and what a day in that job might be like.

Space Ships

Take kids' imaginations into the stars with this fun craft. Have each child bring in a washed milk carton to use as a space ship or an empty paper towel roll to use as a rocket. Have small paper cups, empty toilet paper rolls, glitter and other materials to decorate the shuttle.

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