Juilliard School Summer Music Camps for Teenagers

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The Juilliard School's mission is to provide the best education to the world's gifted dancers, actors and musicians in order to allow students to recognize their full artistic potential. The school offers a wide variety of training programs throughout the year to give prospective students a glimpse into life at Juilliard. For teenagers who are unable to arrange time during the school year, Juilliard offers summer music programs that help gifted teens advance their skills and decide whether attending Juilliard is right for them.

Juilliard String Quartet Seminar

Students in preprofessional string quartets who want to advance their skills can attend the weeklong Juilliard String Quartet Seminar offered each summer. Participating quartets are coached and mentored by members of the Juilliard String Quartet and interact with other participating quartets. In 2010, seminar costs are $325 per quartet plus lodging, meals and personal expenses. To apply, quartets must submit a CD or cassette that includes one movement each from the classical, romantic and contemporary periods, along with a written application and $50 application fee.

Summer Jazz Workshops

Juilliard offers a variety of Jazz Workshops for musicians aged 12 to college level. Each program provides a glimpse into the life of a jazz student at Juilliard and lasts one week. Options include the Summer Jazz Residency, for students 12 to 18; the International Jazz Camp, for students in grades 6 through 12; and the Jazz Workshops, for students 14 through college. Each program provides training in the fields of performance, technique refinement and increased understanding of jazz styles. Applications for all programs are accepted from student musicians who play the trumpet, saxophone, guitar, piano, trombone, bass guitars and drums. Vocal students can also apply for a Jazz Workshop. Costs vary by program, and a written application, sample recording and application fee must be submitted.

Summer Percussion Seminar

High school students who are at least 15 years old can participate in Juilliard's Summer Percussion Seminar. Applicants must be advanced high school percussionists who have not graduated from high school before July of the year in which they apply. The seminar is an intensive two-week training program involving study of all major percussion instruments. Students learn skills in two- and four-mallet keyboard, timpani, orchestral accessories and the snare drum. In addition, students are introduced to world hand drums, the multi- and solo percussion repertoire and percussion chamber music. To apply, applicants must submit a recording of a solo drum performance, application and application fee. As of 2009, the cost of the Summer Percussion Seminar is $1,290, which includes tuition, room and board.