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Is There an Alternative Button on a QWERTY Keyboard for the PS Button on the PS3?

Sometimes a keyboard is the perfect solution for navigating through the PS3's menus and Web browser.
keyboard #4 image by Adam Borkowski from Fotolia.com

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) console is an entertainment device from Sony that offers gaming, movie viewing and much more. Typically, you interact with the PS3 using a controller, but there are other peripherals you can use. One option is a keyboard, which in many contexts is much more convenient than a controller. In many cases the Windows key, when present, corresponds to the PS button on the PS3 controller.

Using a Keyboard

Sometimes it's just more convenient to use a keyboard than a controller. If you spend a lot of time typing in website names or if you want to type out and send a message to a PlayStation Network friend, a keyboard can save you a lot of time. The PS3 is able to connect to many commercially available USB and Bluetooth keyboards; you often can just plug it in and start using it. You can use not only wired keyboards, but also wireless keyboards that have their own receiver. Obviously, if you use a Bluetooth keyboard, you must pair it with the PS3 like any other Bluetooth device.

Corresponding Keys

The Letters and numbers on the keyboard correspond to the letters and numbers of the on-screen keyboard, when present. Also, you can press the "Page Up" keys and the "Page Down" keys to scroll up and scroll down, much like you would with the joysticks. The arrow keys correspond to the directional pad on the controller, and the "Home" and "End" keys move to the top and bottom of any Web pages you're viewing. The Windows key, if you have one, corresponds to the PS button in certain contexts.

When You Can't Use the Windows Key

Often you can access the XMB menu from other content by pressing the Windows key, just like PS button. When you're viewing photos or movies, and when you're using the Web browser, you can press the Windows key to access the XMB menu. The same goes for when you view the "Online Instruction Manuals," since they're viewed in the browser. If you're in the PlayStation Store and press the key, the PS3 will ask you if you want to exit the store. In a few contexts, the Windows key brings the same response as the PS button, but only to deny any action. This includes when the PS3 asks you to wait and when you're downloading updates.

When You Can Use the Windows Key

You can never use the Windows key to turn on or turn off the PS3 like you can with the PS button; if you hold down the Windows button, nothing will happen. Also, you will get no response whether you press and hold down or just click the Windows key while playing a game, while, of course, the PS button would bring you to the XMB menu or an option screen during a game. The PS3 also does not respond if you press the Windows key when the Netflix application is open.

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