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How to Unlock the Clavinova CVP-301

The Clavinova CVP-301 is an electronic keyboard.
piano image by Sergey Goruppa from Fotolia.com

The Clavinova CVP-301 is an electric keyboard manufactured by Yamaha, a Japanese multinational corporation. The company also makes a range of motorcycles and other musical instruments. The Clavinova CVP-301 features a "Lock" to prevent accidental changes to the keyboard settings. This is useful while you are playing, especially during a performance, if you press a button by mistake. Unlocking the Clavinova CVP-301 so you can use the buttons again is quite simple and only takes a few seconds.

Locate the "Piano" button on the right of the main screen. It is shaped like a top-down view of a grand piano.

Press and hold down the "Piano" button for several seconds.

Release the "Piano" button. The Clavinova CVP-301 is now unlocked. You will be able to use it as normal.


You can lock the piano again by holding down the "Piano" key until a message appears on the main screen. Press the "OK" button to confirm the lock.

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