How to Troubleshoot a Kawai Digital Piano

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Global instrument manufacturer Kawai designs and sells a wide range of musical instruments, including digital pianos. Though there are dozens of specific models, each with its own settings and design, several common problems may arise that affect all types of Kawai digital piano sets. Troubleshoot such problems to help identify the underlying cause so you can get back to playing your favorite songs.

Verify that the piano is powered on if the instrument doesn't make noise when you press its keys. The power switch is typically found on the piano's side or back panels, depending on your model.

Check that the digital piano is connected to a reliable power source if it still won't make noise after you've flipped on its power switch. For the best quality and results, connect the piano directly to an unshared electrical outlet. The instrument can consume a large amount of power, and using an extension cable or a shared outlet can create uneven voltage that affects playback performance.

Inspect the Kawai piano's pedal stand if the piano's keys don't respond to its pedals. Kawai ships its piano with its pedal stand disconnected from the piano itself. Plug the cable that's connected to the pedal piece into the bottom of the Kawai piano's body.

Adjust the digital piano's responsiveness if you find that its audio plays back too loud or soft in response to you pressing its keys. Most Kawai piano models have a touch-sensitive feature that makes the notes louder if you press on the keys harder. Depending on your personal playing techniques, you may wish to increase or decrease the piano's sensitivity. Press and hold the piano's "Touch" and "Transpose" buttons and press the C, D or E key to raise or lower the piano's sensitivity. Play a couple of notes, then adjust again until you find the setting that's right for you.

Contact Kawai's technical support line at 310-631-1771 if you still cannot get your Kawai digital piano to work properly. The technical support representative can give you additional troubleshooting guidelines that are specific to your model. Alternatively, email Kawai's digital piano email support address at



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