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How to Troubleshoot a Casio Piano Keyboard

Check the batteries of your Casio piano keyboard if it's not working.
keyboard image by salimar6 from Fotolia.com

Casio makes several electronic piano keyboards with different features and functions for the amateur and professional musician. You can play piano pieces, record performances and add tones to many of these Casio piano keyboards. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is a major component of these keyboards, making them very complex electronic musical instruments. Fortunately, there are some tips to troubleshoot your Casio piano keyboard if it starts to have problems.

No Sound

Check the position of the batteries or how the AC adaptor is seated, if you are using one. The adaptor should be snugly plugged in to both the keyboard and the wall outlet.

Move the main volume slide up on the keyboard so that sound will be played through the speakers.

Move the "Mode" switch from "Chord" or "Fingered" to "Normal Mode," as normal play on the keyboard is not allowed in "Chord" or "Fingered" modes.

Return control of the sound to the keyboard by enabling "Local Control."

No Auto Accompaniment

Move the "Auto Accompaniment" volume up from 000 to the desired volume setting.

Turn on channels "6" through "10" on the "Auto Accompaniment."

Turn up the volume to the desired setting on these channels on the "Auto Accompaniment."

No Layer or Split Response

Turn on melody channels "2" through "4."

Check the volumes on these melody channels and turn up any that are set too low.

Reset the keyboard and take it out of "Record" or "Record Standby," as the "Split" and "Layer" functions cannot be applied in these modes.

MIDI Problems

Check that the MIDI cables are properly connected and that the MIDI channels and volumes are on to restore sound to the keyboard.

Test the keyboard batteries to prevent distorted sounds, loss of power or low volume function when playing or recording from a connected MIDI instrument or computer.

Make sure to turn off the "MIDI Thru" function on the computer to prevent unnatural or incorrect sounds when the keyboard is connected to the computer and you are playing on the keyboard.

Keep the "Accomp MIDI Out" function on to record chord accompaniment to a connected computer.

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