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How to Remove Instrumentals From a Song

Remove instruments and keep vocals.
instruments for singing image by Olaru Radian-Alexandru from Fotolia.com

Removing instruments in a song can be a difficult process since songs and effects are mixed in so many parts. Removing vocals can be an easy task if done with vocal removers; however, there’s no such thing as an instrument remover. In order to remove instruments from songs, you must properly edit the song and effects in it. Programs such as Audacity, Cool Edit Pro and Audition provide tools that will aid you in the instrument elimination process.

Things You'll Need:

  • Song Instrumental
  • Music Creation Program

Download the instrumental version of the song you wish to use. Install and open the program in which you’re going to edit the song.

Import both the original version of the song and the instrumental to the program.

Place the original song on track 1 and the instrumental version on track 2.

Align them perfectly.
audio wave form image by Jesse-lee Lang from Fotolia.com

Open the expanded view window so you can see the audio waves of both tracks closely. Line the tracks together so the sound waves are identical in both the original and the instrumental.

Zoom in to make it perfect.
magnifying glass, image by Oleg Verbitsky from Fotolia.com

Use the zoom feature to make sure the audio tracks are completely identical to each other.

Click and highlight your instrumental track and right-click to bring up the “Invert” function.

Press play to hear the song.
play icon. (with clipping path) image by Andrey Zyk from Fotolia.com

Click the play button to ensure that only the vocals in the song are left and the instruments are gone.


  • You must align the tracks perfectly for it to work. Some instruments may not completely disappear. You may hear other voice effects such as echo and reverb still in the song.
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