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How to Record 2 Channels on a Samson G-Track Microphone

Samson's G-Track is the first USB microphone with a built-in stereo interface.
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The Samson G-Track USB microphone belongs to a new class of specialty microphone designed to be used directly with a laptop or desktop computer. Not only is it a microphone, but it is also an audio interface, allowing you to record an instrument at the same time as a vocal, or to record a stereo instrument on its own. The G-Track also accepts a set of headphones to monitor performance and playback, making it the only device you need to add to turn your computer into a recording studio.

Things You'll Need:

  • Electronic Instrument
  • Adapter Cables With 1/8-Inch Stereo Plug For Input
  • Digital Audio Workstation (Daw) Software

Connect the G-Track to your computer via the USB connector provided with the microphone. Plug in headphones via the 1/8-inch stereo plug on the bottom right of the G-Track, and connect your instrument (guitar, keyboard) to the 1/8-inch stereo plug on the bottom left, using an appropriate adapter cable for your instrument.

Choose the recording mode on the G-Track. To record instrument and voice simultaneously, set the "INPUT" switch to "INST/MIC." To record an instrument only, set the switch to "LINE." Adjust the levels of mic, instrument and headphones using the pop-out controls on the face of the microphone.

Prepare your recording software for signal. Samson sells the G-Track with SONAR LE software. Select "Options" from the toolbar, then "Audio..." from the drop-down menu, and then the "General" tab. Select "USB Audio CODEC" as both playback and recording timing master. Other software will have similar steps.

Set up your project by opening two mono tracks if you are recording instrument and voice, or one stereo track if you are recording instrument only. In SONAR LE, double-click on an audio track to open its "Properties" window and select the "USB Audio CODEC Mono" for both left and right channels if recording instrument and voice. Use the stereo CODEC if recording a stereo instrument like a keyboard.

Select your monitor mode on the G-Track using the switch on the right of the microphone. "CPU" mode gives the computer playback only and mutes the inputs. "MONO" and "STEREO" gives input in either mono or stereo mode, as well as the computer playback in stereo.

Arm the tracks in your DAW software and record your performance. In SONAR LE, press the round record button on each track so that it turns red, then press "R" on your computer keyboard or click the master record button in the transport section.


You can use the G-Track in dual mono mode to record two instruments (guitar and bass, for example) using the "LINE" mode and a patch cable that allows both instruments to be plugged into one stereo 1/8-inch jack.

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