Instructions to Crochet Bags From Can Pull Tabs

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There are so many ways to recycle the pull tabs from your pop or beer cans. They are great for replacing or reinforcing hangers on pictures, making jewelry, belts and even crocheting bags.

Choose or create a pattern

First, you need to know what kind of bag you would like to create, a small clutch type bag, an everyday essentials bag, or even a backpack-size bag. The tabs can be used as the strap, or organized in your initials, or any other design you would like to show off. You could even make the whole bag with can pull tabs. Find a pattern that you like and that suits your skill level, or create your own pattern for an original bag from your can pull tabs.

Prepare to Create

Once you have chosen the style of bag you would like look at the different ways to prepare your can pull tabs for crocheting your bag. They can be covered using a single crochet stitch, with yarn, attached to batting with matching yarn, or crocheted into your pattern to create your initials or whatever style you like. Collect the desired amount of can pull tabs to complete your bag and purchase the required amount of yarn, batting, or other materials you need for your bag pattern.


Assemble your bag according to the pattern you have chosen or created. Be sure to follow all steps to achieve your desired crochet can pull tab bag.

Remember to smooth any sharp edges on your can pull tabs. Add an attractive lining to cover any exposed tabs inside your bag. This will keep things from getting snagged by the can pull tabs. Once you have your bag assembled, be prepared for compliments and pattern requests from your friends.