How to Make Homemade Handcuffs Using Chains

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Things You'll Need

  • Four jump rings
  • Pliers
  • 1 piece of chain, 4 inches long
  • 2 pieces of chain, 6 to 7 inches long
  • 2 jumbo lobster clasps
  • 2 mini padlocks (optional)

Homemade handcuffs can act as a costume prop, a gag gift, a game accessory (cops and robbers anyone?) or a toy for the bedroom. They are fairly simple to make and very strong, consisting of nothing but metal. Just bear in mind that some people are uncomfortable with having their hands restricted. Never force someone to wear handcuffs if they are not entirely willing.

Purchase four jump rings that are no less than half the thickness of the metal in your chain.

Open two jump rings with pliers.

Place one jump ring on either end of a four-inch chain. This chain is what will hold both wrists together, so feel free to make it longer or shorter.

Attach a 6- to 7-inch piece of chain through each jump ring so they are laying in the opposite direction as the middle chain. Your chains should form a shape similar to the letter “H”.

Tighten both jump rings with pliers by forcing the openings closed.

Open the other two jump rings with pliers.

Place one jump ring on one end of each vertical chain. It does not matter which end you choose, just make sure to choose the same end for both sides.

Attach a jumbo lobster clasp through each jump ring.

Tighten both jump rings with pliers.

Attach the two ends of each vertical chain with the lobster clasps. You now have a homemade pair of handcuffs. For smaller wrists, adjust where on the chain you connect the clasp. For a more secure pair of handcuffs, attach a mini padlock.

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