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How to Organize a Family Feud Game

Family reunions are the perfect opportunity to play games with family members.
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Family Feud is a fun family game that has been around for a long time. It is played by two opposing family teams who come together to "feud." The family that racks up the most points by providing the top answers to survey questions walks away with the prize.

Think of survey questions to be asked during your Family Feud game. You can find sample questions that you can use online (see Resources).

Find a bell or buzzer that can be used for the game. You will also need a stopwatch or timer to ensure that all questions are answered within the allotted time frame.

Choose a game host who will be responsible for asking questions and checking answers. You can choose someone else to run the stopwatch and keep score.

Decide who will participate on the two family teams and give each team a family name (the Smiths, the Wilsons, for example). The original "Family Feud" game on TV had five players per team, but it's not necessary. Just make the teams equal in number.

Choose the family leader for each team. The family leader is responsible for providing the final answer for her family after the opposing team has "struck out."

Determine the number of rounds you'll have. Choose an odd number of rounds to avoid a tie: The team that wins the most rounds wins the game.

Find a prize for the winning team. It should be something that can be split or shared among all team members, such movie tickets, cake, key chains or T-shirts.

Things You'll Need:

  • Bell
  • Stopwatch
  • Survey questions/answers
  • Prizes
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