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How to Make a Canopy Windproof

Even the large canopies used at outdoor craft fairs can be blown down when the wind kicks up. Secure your canopy in advance to keep it from flying away.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ring Weights
  • Mesh Windscreen Tarps
  • Sandbags And Sand
  • Strong Rope
  • Tent Stakes

Install mesh windscreen tarps as the sidewalls and back of the canopy. Use these in place of traditional tarps. The canopy will be more stable in the wind.

Weigh down the legs of the canopy. Purchase ring weights that are specially designed to snap onto the bottom of each canopy leg.

Purchase sand bag weights. These bags wrap around the bottom of the canopy legs; they are a couple of feet high. There are hollow, tube-shaped spaces in these bags for sand. The bags attach around the canopy leg with Velcro.

Anchor the canopy in a grassy field with tent stakes. Canopy tent stakes are bigger than camping tent stakes. For best results, use one stake at each of the four legs of the canopy. Anchor to the frame of the roof with strong rope and triple knots.


For best results in high winds, add 40 lbs. of weight to each leg, or 160 lbs. in all.


  • Never hang weights from the top of the canopy, such as water- or sand-filled milk jugs. They will fall and injure somebody. Always anchor weights to the bottom of the legs of the canopy.
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