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How to Make Copper Wind Spinners

Copper wind spinners can bring beauty and serenity to any garden or backyard. Whether you create a unique design that reflects your personality, or add items from your home, making copper wind spinners is a rewarding and inexpensive project the entire family. Read more to learn how.

Things You'll Need:

  • Household Scissors
  • Wooden Beads
  • Drill
  • Small Eyehooks
  • 1 Roll Of Copper Strips
  • Wire Thread
  • Pliers

Purchase a roll of copper that is 1 inch in width. You can find copper strips in an arts and crafts store or on the Web. Use a pair of household scissors to cut the copper into a 12 inch strip. Use a drill to make a hole at the top and bottom of the strip. Then, add two more holes near the middle. The holes should be 2 inches apart.

Bend and mold the copper strip into the desired shape. Use your hands or a pair of pliers, depending on the shape you wish to create. You will find that the copper strip is easier to bend, as it is thinner than a regular copper sheet.

Attach a small eyehook into the top and bottom hole. Measure and cut a length of wire thread that is 15 inches long. Cut off excess thread and determine how much you length is required to hang the spinner properly. Attach the wire thread to the top eyehook. Weave the rest of the thread through each hole.

Create a base. Add a few wooden beads to the bottom of the spinner before attaching the thread to the eyehook. This added weight will help the spinner to move continuously throughout the day.

Hang the copper spinner from a tree or overhang. Use extra wooden beads to hide the wire thread at the top.


Practice on a piece of paper to determine how long the copper strip should be.

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