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Instructions for the Perquackey Word Game

Perquackey is a word-building game that uses lettered cubes. The object of the game is to create as many allowable words as possible within the given time frame. Perquackey is played by two people or two teams. The game consists of 13 cubes: 10 black cubes (known as Nonvulnerable) and three red cubes (known as Vulnerable). The player or team to reach 5,000 points wins the game.

Roll one Vulnerable cube for each player. The player with the letter closest to “A” begins the game.

Place the 10 Nonvulnerable cubes in the cup and roll them onto the playing area. Set the timer once the cubes have been rolled.

Create words with a minimum of three letters; two-letter words are not permitted. Proper nouns, foreign words and abbreviations are not allowed.

Use only the letters on the top side of the cubes to create words. Rearrange the letters as necessary to create as many words as possible within groups; for example, you can create five different three-letter words, but that is all. You do not have to create all five three-letter words to begin creating four-letter words or five-letter words and so on.

Score points for words that you are able to spell and pronounce. The more words you form the more points you will receive. In addition, the longer the words you form, the more points you will receive; for example, if you formed only one three-letter word, you receive 60 points. However, if you create a four-letter word, you receive 120 points. Therefore if you formed a three-letter word and a four-letter word, you receive 180 points (120 plus 60).

Write down the words that your opponent has formed on a piece of paper. Score the points on the score sheet once you have totaled the tally.

Record bonus points if you have successfully completed two different word groups; for example, if you completed all five three-letter and four-letter word groups, you receive a bonus of 300 points. Consult the scoring chart for the values of the bonus points.

Use the Vulnerable cubes (the red cubes) once you have reached a score of 2,000. At this time, you are known as “Vulnerable” and you are no longer permitted to create three-letter words.

Receive a penalty of 500 points if you are unable to record a minimum of 500 points once you become “vulnerable.” The points for that round are not recorded.

Win the game by being the first person to reach 5,000 points.


When playing with teams, team-mates are allowed to suggest words, but they are not allowed to touch the cubes. They are also not permitted to suggest words until their team-mate has completed the three- and four-letter word groups. If they suggest any words prior to this, award the opposing team 300 points.

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