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Scoring Rules to the Dice Game 10000

The 10,000 Dice Game is a version of the dice game Farkle.
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The Ten Thousand Dice Game, also known as Farkle, Dix Mille in French, or simply 10,000, is played with six dice. There are many variations on the game and it is up to the individual player to choose which variations they perfer. Farkle can have any number of players making it a perfect game for large groups, small gatherings and everything in between.

A Turn

In 10,000 a player must have and set aside at least one scoring die, or a combination of scoring dice with each roll. A players continues rolling, and scoring, until they decide to stop or until they have thrown a roll with no scoring die.

Rules of the Roll

Players score if 1s or 5s are rolled, three of a kind, four of a kind, a straight, or six of a kind. If all six dice score, then all six dice are picked up and a player's turn continues with all six dice. Players are required to keep a running total of their points for the scorekeeper.

Combination With 1s

Scoring combinations only count if they are rolled in a single throw. For example a single 1 is worth 100 points, if you roll a 1 and on the next throw you roll two more it is worth 300. If three 1s rolled in a single throw they are worth 1,000.

Combinations with 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s

A single throw with three 2s is worth 200 points. Single 2s are worth nothing. The same pattern holds true for 3s, 4s and 6s. Three 3s equal 300. Three 4s equal 400. Three 6s equal 600. Single 3s, 4s and 6s are worth nothing. Rolls of four of a kind are worth the original amount times two, rolls of five of a kind are worth the original amount times four. For example a roll of five 2s in a single roll is worth 200x4, or 800.

Straights High and Low

There are two kinds of straights in 10,000 Dice. High straights consist of rolling the numbers 1-5 in a single roll, this roll is worth 1,250 points. Low straights are a single roll of 2-6 and are only worth the 50 points gained for the single roll of 5.


A player's score does not "get on the board" until they have scored a minimum of 750 points in a single turn. Scoring continues until one player meets or exceeds 10,000 points. Shorter variations are played to 5,000 or 75,000 points if players wish for a shorter game.

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