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How to Play Triple Yahtzee

Play Triple Yahtzee

The dice-rolling game Yahtzee is a classic that has been played for years, and has even expanded into hand-held and computerized forms. If you are still playing the classic Yahtzee, you can expand it into a longer and more exciting form known as Triple Yahtzee. This game involves even more strategy than regular Yahtzee, but is just as easy to learn.

Hand out score cards to all of the players. Instead of using just one column during the game, players will be using three, so hand out fresh cards with no prior games on it.

Roll the dice to see who goes first. Whoever rolls the highest number wins and goes first. The rest of the order is determined by clockwise position.

Let the first player take his turn. Roll the dice like a normal Yahtzee game. Three rolls, unless you want to stop early.

Put the score in the most appropriate position. The third column across is worth triple the amount of points at the end of the game, the second row is worth double, and the first row is scored at face value.

Place lower scores in the first column, so you can save space in the double and triple columns for higher scores.

Place any Full Houses, Small Straights, Large Straights, or Yahtzees in the third column first, because those point values never change.

Award players with a bonus chip for any extra Yahtzees they may have accumulated during the course of the game. Each chip is worth an extra 100 points on the final score.

Add up all of the scores once all of the columns have been filled. If any of the top section columns achieved a score of 63 or higher, then the player gets 35 extra points under whichever column passed that mark.

Double all of the points in the second column and triple all of the points in the third column. Add all three scores together to reach your final score. Compare the scores and see who the winner is.

Add in more columns to make the game longer and more exciting. You could expand to 4, 5, or 6 columns and use a whole score sheet all at once.

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