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Rules for Greed Dice Game

The 10,000 Dice Game is a version of the dice game Farkle.
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Greed is a game of dice in which players need to score 10,000 points to pick up a win. All you really need to play is 10 six-sided dice, a paper and a pencil. You'll have hours of fun matching wits with opponents and scratching out points, or maybe just scratching your head over the roll of the dice. All you need is a little bit of luck and a little game of greed.

Getting Started

Play begins with the first player throwing all 10 dice. If a single 1 is rolled out of the 10, you get 100 points. A single 5 is worth 50 points. Doubles are worth nothing. Triple 1s are 1,000 points. Triple 2s are 200 Triple 3s, are 300 Triple 4s are 400 Triple 5s are 500 Triple 6s are 600.

If you roll four of a kind, then it’s the triple score times the digit of the roll. For example, if you roll four 3s, then it’s 300 points times three for a total of 900 points. If you roll five of a kind, multiply the triple score of the roll by four, regardless of the number on the dice.

Six of a kind? Take the triple score and multiply it by eight. Rolling six 1s will give you 8,000 points.

Three pairs in a single roll and you score 800 points.

If you roll a straight with six or more dice, you collect 1,200 points.


After the first player has opened the game, players have a choice of how many of the 10 dice they wish to throw. If, for example, you choose to roll five and drop three 3s on the roll, you can take your 300 points and stop. You could, however, take the three 3s, put them on the side and throw from the remaining seven dice. You can decide how many of the seven remaining dice you want to throw. Let’s say you throw four and one of them is a three, you can add the three to the three 3’s you put on the side and have a total of 900 points. Do you want to keep the points or try rolling again from the six remaining dice? You can roll until you've used up all the dice. You could rack up more points, or lose them all if you score nothing on your added rolls.


Greed is won when a player tallies up 10,000 or more points, but there is a catch. Once a player achieves such a score, all players in the game are entitled to get their last licks (one more roll of the dice in an effort to surpass the winner's score).

Greed is a great game for the whole family. It involves decision making, and if you have a youngster in school, it calls upon the simple skills of addition and multiplication.

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