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Dice Games: Bupkis Instructions

The dice game "Bupkis" requires players to roll six dice in an attempt to earn points by getting certain combinations of numbers. Players earn points by making consecutive numbers, or straights, and multiples of the same number. On each turn, a player can continue to roll the dice as long as she keeps earning points, only stopping after no additional points are possible. This game can be played with any number of players.

Determine which player will roll first, then play moving clockwise around the table for each subsequent turn.

Allow each player to roll all the dice initially. When a die or multiple dice form a combination that awards points, put those aside and add up the total. The player will then roll the remaining dice, but must remove at least one die on each roll that contributes to the score. Once a roll provides no point-awarding combinations, the turn ends.

Score 100 points for each "one" rolled and 50 points for each "five." Three "ones" on a single roll earn 1,000 points, while three of any other combination earns 100 times the face value, such as 500 for three "fives." Three pairs on a single roll counts for 750 points, and a "one" through "six" straight nets 1,500 points. Six of a kind on a roll automatically wins the game.

Add the tallied point total to the roller's score only if the score is greater than 500 on the first roll. Otherwise, the player gets zero points, or "bupkis." On subsequent turns players only need to earn a minimum of 350 points for it to count toward their total score.

Continue play until a player earns 5,000 points or rolls six of a kind.

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