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Impromptu Skit Ideas

Spontaneous acting keeps students active and involved.
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Incorporating skits into the classroom engages the intelligences, as acting students must draw on various learning styles, such as interpersonal, linguistic and bodily-kinesthetic. Spontaneous skits demand creative thinking, as students must invent dialogue on the spot, and encourage clear communication, as students attempt to entertain an audience. Using skits encourages the students to function as a group, as well, because the students must work together for the production to go smoothly.

Cooking Show

The setting is a live cooking show set. No props are needed; however, if cooking implements are available, they can be used. The actors include the chef, who has been depressed lately; his assistant, who is hoping for the top job someday; the special guest star, a famous singer who is allergic to shellfish; the cameraman, who is attracted to the assistant; and the director, who is dealing with a neurotic spouse calling on the cell phone during the production.


The setting is a hotel elevator that stops working. A speaker in the elevator lets the captives know that the hotel staff should have it working again "in about an hour." The actors include a rock star who is late for rehearsal; a teen who does not remove a blaring iPod the entire time; a old man who needs to use the restroom; a very friendly librarian woman who tries to lighten the mood; and another person who is silent most of the time, but has a surprising revelation to share.

Veterinary Office

The setting is a veterinary office. Actors play the animals as well as the people; actors playing animals must act like the animal, but speak normally. The actors include a woman who dearly loves her small dog—a dog who cannot stand the woman; another patron, a burly biker type, with a hypochondriac pet cat; another patron, a frustrated and introverted math teacher, trying desperately to keep a pet bird quiet; and a cowboy, who has brought in a cow who discusses her sordid love life with the other pets. A receptionist tries to keep an eye on the goings-on while searching for honeymoon packages online.

Guess the Character

The setting is a group of people waiting for an audition to be a spokesperson for an infomercial. The actors choose their own roles, secretly, and each of them must choose a character from a popular movie. The group interacts about their excitement for the upcoming audition, staying in character but never revealing the name. Set a time limit for the group, such as five to seven minutes, and after that time the audience must guess which movie character each actor portrayed.

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