How to Import Pictures From a Cell Phone

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Cell phones are more than a means of communication. They are capable of accessing the Internet, playing music, downloading games and even taking photos. It’s handy to have a camera on your cell phone, since you can take pictures no matter where you are without having to remember to bring a camera. Most cell phones take high-quality photographs that can be saved on the phone and then uploaded to your personal computer or laptop.

Take several pictures using your cell phone. Save them to the phone in the pictures folder. Go back into your phone after you are finished taking the pictures to double-check that they have been saved.

Insert the smallest end of the USB cable into your phone. Look for a small plug-in hole on the side of your cell phone, and gently push the end of the cable into it.

Plug in the larger end of the USB cable into your computer. Look for a USB slot either on the front or back side of your computer. Locate the slot that is marked "USB." Gently push the end of the cable into the slot.

Look for a window that will automatically pop up on your computer screen that gives you the option to import pictures. Choose the option to upload or import the pictures; there will be other options available, but they will not allow you to store the pictures in your computer.

Enter a name for the group of pictures you wish to import. Choose a name that describes the pictures so that you can go back and find them easily. Use a term that describes the event, place, date or people the photos relate to.

Click "Next" once you have chosen a name for the pictures. Wait as the pictures are uploaded from your phone into your computer. When the computer has finished importing the pictures, click "Finished." Disconnect the USB cable from both the computer and the phone. Go to the pictures file on your computer to view the pictures.