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How to Identify a Bulova Watch

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Since1875, when Czech immigrant Joseph Bulova established the Bulova watch factory in New York, Bulova has come to symbolize high-quality, affordable watches. The special collections made by Bulova for important customers like Charles Lindberg, Frank Lloyd Wright and NASA have become collector’s items. You should purchase a Bulova watch with care. The popularity of Bulova watches has resulted in fake watches made with the name Bulova. If you have a Bulova watch that may be a valuable vintage watch, you should verify its authenticity before attempting to sell or auction the watch.

Look in the telephone yellow pages for a Bulova watch dealer or jeweler who deals in Bulova watches. You can also search on the Internet for the nearest Bulova dealer or jeweler who deals in vintage watches. Dealers or jewelers will give you an expert opinion on whether the watch is genuine or a fake.

Log on to the Internet and check the history of Bulova watches. Make a list of Bulova brand names. Check if the brand name on the watch matches the list of Bulova watch brand names. Popular vintage Bulova watch brands include Accutron, Marine Star, Caravelle and Wittenauer.

Examine the watch using a magnifying glass. The top half of the watch will have the name "Bulova" engraved on it. The watch will also have the name "Bulova" stamped on the metal back of the watch case.

Look for the unique date code on the Bulova Watch. In the 1950s, the Bulova Watch Company developed a unique dating system for its watches. A unique, two-digit date code is placed below the serial number on the back of Bulova watches manufactured after 1950. Bulova watches manufactured before 1950 have the date code inside the watch.

Things You'll Need:

  • Yellow pages
  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Magnifying glass
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