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How to Open a Remington Pocket Watch

Remington pocket watches open in various ways, depending on the model.
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Remington pocket watches are vintage watches made by the Remington/Appleton Watch Company. Pocket watches were popular during the 1800s and early 1900s, before the advent of the wrist watch. Though there are different variations of pocket watches, it typically has a face and a long chain that can be attached to a belt buckle. Some Remington pocket watches had a case that must be opened to see the dial and tell time. The case can be opened in several different ways, depending on the exact type of Remington.

Inspect the pocket watch for any hinges or lips that might provide a clue on how the case can be opened. Also note if there are any buttons along the edge of the pocket watch.

Snap open the case if you notice a raised lip. Place your fingernail under the raised lip and pry the cover open. If your Remington is a snap case, the front cover should open easily.

Push any buttons found on the edge of your Remington pocket watch. Some Remington watches have a knob located at the top of the dial. Other buttons can be found at the bottom of the dial or by the number “3.” When you press the button, the case will swing out.

Place the pocket watch in the palm of your hand. Use your other hand to press down on the case and turn counter-clockwise. The case will screw open.

Take your Remington pocket watch to a watch repair shop or antique dealer if you cannot get it open. Do not force the case open. Watch dealers have special tools and will be able to safely open the case.

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