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How to Open the Back of a Pulsar Watch

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The back of a Pulsar watch can be opened with the proper tools, but consideration should be given to whether you really want to open the case back yourself or have an experienced watchmaker or authorized dealer do it for you. Case backs on Pulsar timepieces should be opened only when the watch needs repair or if the battery needs to be changed. Opening the case back of a Pulsar watch by yourself will void the warranty if the watch has been recently purchased.

Inspect the case back of the Pulsar watch to determine whether it has a snap-down or screw-down case back. Most newer models are screw-down versions with notches on the edges of the case back that require a tool for removal. Skip to step two if your watch has a screw-down case back. Insert a blunt blade under the lip on the snap-down case back and push downward. The case will pop open.

Place the Pulsar watch case into the case holder and tighten the grip if the watch is a screw-down model. Do not tighten too much or you may warp the case. Select the pins that fit snugly into the notches of the screw-down case back. Install the pins into the case opener. Insert the pins of the case opener into the notches.

Rotate the case opener counterclockwise. The case back will unscrew and become free from the case. Make sure the pins are flush inside the notches so the case opener doesn’t slip and scratch the watch case.

Remove the rubber gasket that came off the case when you removed the case back. The gasket is vital to ensuring the watch remains water resistant by keeping moisture from seeping into the case. Replace the gasket with a fresh one as a precautionary measure.

Return the watch case to the case holder if you removed it during your maintenance procedure. Install the replacement gasket on the rim of the case. Hand-screw clockwise the case back into the case until hand-tight. Use the case opener to tighten the case back to the case. Ensure the gasket is flush and not wrinkled or creased on the case rim. You may use a watchmaker’s case ball to tighten the case back instead of the case opener by pressing the case ball firmly on the case back and rotating it clockwise until tightened.

Things You'll Need:

  • Blunt blade
  • Case opener
  • Case holder
  • Rubber case ball
  • Gasket


Apply gentle, but progressing pressure when using the case opener to open a stubborn case back. Make no jerking moves. It will prevent damage to the watch.


  • Never bang a watch against an object to try to loosen the grip of a screw-down case or try to force it open. You will damage the watch.
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