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How to Sell a Bulova Watch

When selling a Bulova watch, it may take a while before the right buyer is found.
watch image by petar Ishmeriev from Fotolia.com

Bulova watches remain classic timepieces. In 1960, the first electronic watch entered the market, manufactured and engineered by Bulova. Watches by Bulova are both fashion accessories and collectors items depending on the age and style of the watch. When selling a Bulova watch, attention to the watch's details, age, condition and rarity should be taken in to consideration. In order to sell your Bulova, you should first make an assessment of what it is truly worth and then begin the sales process from there.

Get an appraisal for your watch to reflect its current condition and value. Have this done by a jeweler who is accredited by the American Gem Society. Get a written copy of the appraisal supplied by the jeweler and make copies to pass along to the buyer once the watch is sold. Ensure that the appraisal is in line with your expectations by comparing the appraised value to the amount originally paid for the watch. If the estimate is too low, have the Bulova watch appraised by a second jeweler.

Have the watch cleaned and repaired if necessary. Use the jeweler that appraised the watch and ask for a discount for more than one service. Ask the jeweler if the cleaning will increase the value of the watch. If so, have the jeweler provide you with an amended appraisal based on the condition of the Bulova watch after cleaning and repairs have been completed.

Take digital photos of the watch. Do this after having the watch cleaned so it is in its best condition. Use the highest resolution setting on your camera and take pictures from various angles. Place the watch on a white or black piece of cloth so that watch details show up. Make sure to take close-up shots of the front and back of the watch and get a good picture of the Bulova name on the face of the watch.

Write the advertisement for the watch. Include information such as the year the watch was manufactured, the material the watch is made of, any flaws or conditions potential buyers should be made aware of and the appraised value of the Bulova watch. Use the brand name Bulova in the title of the ad and throughout the body of the text.

List the watch for sale at online auction sites, local newspapers and classified sections in local and regional magazines. Take the watch to local and regional jewelry stores, antiques dealers and pawn shops. With the appraisal documentation in hand you will know whether or not prices offered to you are reasonable.

Keep the watch in the box it originally came in with all relevant paperwork; both provided by Bulova. Keep in a cool and dry location. Obtain a replacement box if you cannot locate the original packaging. Do not allow others to play with or handle the watch while you are in the process of selling it.

Things You'll Need:

  • Appraisal papers
  • Digital photos of the watch
  • Original box and paperwork for the watch


Clean the watch before taking high resolution photos of the Bulova watch to help illustrate the appearance of the piece.


  • Do not sell or attempt to sell fake or stolen goods such as Bulova watches. Do not make false claims when trying to sell a used watch.
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