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How to Identify the Age of Wyler Watches

Wyler watches carry clues to their age.
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The Wyler watch company was founded in 1924, and the company prides itself on making extremely durable, if not unbreakable, watches. The Incaflex model, which was dropped from the Eiffel Tower in a marketing stunt, is just one example of the Swiss watch's quality and sturdiness. If you have a Wyler watch and want to identify how old it is and what model you have, there are definite markings you should look for.

Check the receipt for the watch. If you purchased the watch personally, or if the person who gave you the watch personally bought it, then you can check the details in the receipt. Even if it's not an original receipt, it may have the watch's year of manufacture, which will tell you its age for collecting purposes.

Locate the serial numbers on the watch. There will be an exterior number that will be the model and type of watch, but there will also be numbers inside the watch written on the movement that will give you the information about the watch's manufacturing date. Record those numbers and, if possible, take pictures of where they are located, and of the watch.

Contact the company. The Wyler watch company, now Wyler Geneve, is still in existence and going strong, and you can find the company's contact information at Swiss Time (see Resources). Send an email with the photographs you have taken and the serial numbers to inquire what the age and manufacture date of your Wyler watch is.

Things You'll Need:

  • Watch screwdriver/wrench
  • Receipt


Check with local and online watch collectors, museums and even pawn shops if you're looking for people knowledgeable about vintage watches who can give you an insight into your watch's age.

Pay attention to the style and decor of the watch. Watches from the '20s tended to have grooves and Victorian styling, whereas watches from the '30s were more streamlined, with straight lines and simpler, no-frills designs.

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