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How to Identify a Selmer Bundy Saxophone

The first step to identifying a saxophone is locating its serial number.
saxophone image by iMAGINE from Fotolia.com

Selmer Bundy has been manufacturing musical instruments of all types since the early 1900s and has been manufacturing saxophones since 1922. Over the years, they have manufactured over ten different saxophone models, making it difficult for musicians and collectors alike to determine which model they have or which year it was produced. Luckily, there is a simple way to, first, identify whether you indeed have a Selmer Bundy saxophone and, secondly, both the model and year of your saxophone.

Locate the Selmer Bundy engraving on the saxophone's bell. All Selmer Bundy saxophones have an engraving of some sort on the bell to identify that it is a Selmer Bundy saxophone. Any engraving of the Selmer Bundy logo or the word "Selmer" designate a Selmer Bundy saxophone's authenticity. See the "Jim's Music: Selmer Bundy Logo" and the "Seek Logo: Selmer Logo" web pages for some example of the Selmer Bundy logo.

Locate the saxophone's serial number. The serial number for most saxophones, including Selmer Bundy saxophones, is located in one of two places: on the side of the body tube opposite the D key or on the bell near the Selmer Bundy logo. Some Selmer Bundy saxophones even have the serial number in both locations.

Write the saxophone's serial number down for easy reference.

Open your computer's Web browser and navigate to the "Conn-Selmer: Serial Number Information" page, located in the "Resources" section of this article.

Match the serial number found on the saxophone with one of the serial numbers listed in the "Selmer Serial Number Chart." Once you have located the saxophone's serial number on the chart, you can locate its corresponding model name and manufacturing year by looking at the respective chart columns.

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