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Ice Breaker Ideas for Adults Using Fruits

Use fruit for some entertaining adult-friendly ice breakers.
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Ice breakers can provide a relaxed, no-pressure way for a group of people to get to know each other. Keep things entertaining for adults with several fruit-based ice breakers that will help everyone get acquainted and comfortable with the atmosphere. Consider the tone you want to set for the get-together as well as the audience present, and then decide just how silly you want the ice breakers to be.

Lemon Relay

Divide your group into two teams, and ask each team to stand in a single-file line. Determine a finish line, preferably no more than 20 yards away, and mark it using masking tape. Ask each team to stand behind a predetermined starting point also marked off with a line of masking tape, and then give the first person in line for each team an object like an unsharpened pencil and a fully grown lemon. Have each team push the lemon to the finish line and back using only the pencil; the first team to finish wins the game. The lemon's shape will cause it to wobble, making this a difficult but entertaining ice breaker.

Fruit Basket

Ask the group to sit in a circular formation of chairs, with one person selected to stand in the middle. Give each person the name of a different fruit, either by picking them out of a hat or by allowing each person to select his own fruit. The person in the middle will call out two fruit names, and then those two people who've been designated those fruits will scramble to switch places while the person in the middle tries to steal one of the open spaces. The person without a seat must go stand in the middle of the circle and repeat the process; this person may also call "Fruit basket!" which requires everyone in the circle to change seats.

Banana Race

Give each person in the group an unpeeled banana. Ask the players to place one hand behind their backs, leaving only one hand to hold the banana. The object of the game is for the players to peel the banana using whatever means possible, but they may only use the one hand. The first person to peel the banana, take a bite and then whistle to signal their success is the winner of the race.

Pass the Orange

This classic ice breaker is a little sillier than the others, so make sure no one is going to be made to feel uncomfortable. Also, make sure it suits the tone of your get-together; for instance, it would probably not be suitable for a professional environment but might be better suited for a party. Have guests stand in a line or circle and give one person a large orange. Explain that the goal is to pass the orange from person to person using only the chin and neck; if the orange is dropped, the group must restart the passing process with the very first person. Try dividing group members into teams to make this ice breaker into a competitive relay.

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